All photography provided by Lake Manitou Association Members

The Lake Manitou Association is a vibrant, non-profit organization committed to the preservation and management of Lake Manitou in Fulton County, Indiana.

An all-volunteer Board of Directors guides the efforts of our organization, which strives to enhance the quality of living in or our lake community. Through conservation and stewardship efforts, along with the support of local, state and federal agencies, we protect and preserve Fulton County’s greatest asset.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote further understanding of Lake Manitou and its watershed, and to protect, restore and manage the ecosystem of which it is a part.

What We've Achieved

  • Eradication of an invasive plant species (Hydrilla) which took over the Lake by 2006.

  • Dredging projects at Graham Ditch/White Creek

  • Rain Creek & Mill Pond studies which develop sediment collection ideas.

  • Enhancement of nighttime safety on the Lake with new lighted buoys

  • Implementing long-term, sustainable efforts to manage plant life in navigable areas.

  • Restoration of healthy plant life.

  • Collaboration with DNR and LARE.

  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of our water quality.